Remember to Vote in the ASHE Election

Dear ASHE Chapter Presidents,

 First of all, ASHE voting is open for less than 7 more days.  Please encourage your members to vote for President-Elect, Regional Board Member where applicable, and Associate Board Member.  Voter turnout is traditionally light, so this is a good opportunity for ASHE members to be heard!

 As part of the ASHE election process this month I have reached out to many of you regarding your Chapters and what ASHE can do to better assist you and your members.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you, and our conversations have been very enjoyable and informative for me. 

Here is some of the feedback that I have heard from you:

 Areas for improvement:

  • I received many comments about the ASHE Chapter Affiliation program.  In some instances, Chapters have had difficulty maintaining their status level (i.e. gold, platinum, etc.) due to the 15% dual member requirement.  In some instances a Chapter has lost status due to increasing its membership because the new members were not ASHE members.  There has also been difficulty determining the dual membership percentage because this information is not known by the Chapters until the member list is submitted to ASHE with the application.  Many of the Chapters have a high percentage of Associate members, and these members’ employers will not allow then to participate in the local Chapter and ASHE.  And finally, there is a feeling that the Chapters can do little to influence whether their members will choose dual membership.
  • Many of the requirements for Chapters have changed over the past few years.  AHA has required additional items including liability insurance, Director’s and Officer’s Insurance and a letter from the IRS certifying the Chapter’s tax status.  This has created more complexity in the application and has been a burden on many Chapters.
  • A few Chapters communicated dissatisfaction with ASHE education programs such as the HCC, CHC or CHFM prep courses.  The primary issue was that the cost is unaffordable for smaller chapters or that a conflict existed with another organization that sponsored the program in their region.  Scheduling or availability of the Barrier Management program was also a source of dissatisfaction in a small number of Chapters.

 Things that are going well:

  • ASHE updates regarding regulatory codes and standards continues to be the most popular benefit of ASHE membership.  I typically hear our members say that this alone is worth the cost of membership.  Advocacy liaisons at each Chapter participate in regular advocacy webinars where the latest insider information is shared by ASHE, and this allows you to take this information back to your Chapter members.
  • Chapters are very appreciative of the free speakers from ASHE.  Subject matter experts, including Johnathan Flannery, Chad Beebe and Tim Adams are available to speak at your meetings free of charge.  ASHE also pays for your Region Board Representative to attend and speak at Chapter meetings.
  • Many of the Chapters are successfully sponsoring programs like the HCC, CHC and CHFM, and these programs are generating significant profits for the Chapters.  In many locations, hospitals are requiring that their contractors have at least one person on their project that has received their CHC or HCC, which can drive attendance.
  • In 2016, there were 9 Platinum Elite Chapters, 22 Platinum Chapters, 6 Silver Chapters, and 2 Bronze Chapters.   More Chapters are participating in the new Elite status program this year related to Energy to Care, and they are excited about the Chapter energy reduction challenges.
  • Comments about the Leadership meeting at the annual conference continue to be very favorable.  Chapter leaders enjoy the opportunity to network with their peers, and they enjoy the recognition they receive at the award ceremony.  The Regional Leader Award continues to be an excellent way to recognize outstanding members in our region.
  • ASHE Chapter Affiliation continues to be an excellent value.  Participation is free and depending on the level of affiliation, Chapters will receive recognition, awards,  complimentary CHC and CHFM exam fee waivers, Annual Conference fee waivers, complimentary ASHE memberships, and complimentary ASHE publications.  The total value to Chapters can be thousands of dollars.

I believe that the Chapters and ASHE working together can best serve the needs of our members and the healthcare facility management field as a whole.  I am absolutely amazed to hear what all of you are accomplishing for your members at the Chapter level.  If I am elected as your ASHE President, I would work to improve the areas you have identified while still retaining the ASHE programs and benefits that you enjoy.

Thank you for everything you do and for all of your dedication to your Chapters.  If I did not get a chance to speak with you, please reach out to me via email or call my cell at 314-922-6658.  I would very much enjoy hearing from you!

Voting will close at the end of day on September 1. Click here to go to the ASHE web site and vote.


Brad Taylor, MBA, CHFM, CHC
Director – Building Services & Safety Officer
St. Anthony’s Medical Center
10010 Kennerly Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

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